4HM and 4BPP in Edinburgh

We, the 4HM and the 4BPP, went to Edinburgh and it was fandabidozi! (That´s a Scottish slang word we learned during our trip). We stayed there for a week with our dear teachers Mr Stummer, Mr Nakicevic, Ms Bindreiter and our language assistant Sydney. The weather was absolutely surprising, because we expected it to be rainy and foggy, but we got a lot of sunshine and some of us even got a sunburn. 

From Monday to Friday, we had school at the Royal Scots Club in the morning. With our teachers we did a lot of interesting and funny exercises, where we got to know another approach to speaking English. We did a scavenger hunt and at the end of the week, we got a certificate. 

During our trip we stayed at host families, which was an amazing and unique experience. We had breakfast and dinner with them every day and therefore we could use and improve our English skills. Moreover, we got an inside look into Scottish people’s daily life. 

Not only did we learn a lot about the history of Edinburgh by visiting the Edinburgh Castle and doing a city tour, but we also learned about the dark secrets of Edinburgh in the Edinburgh Dungeon and the Ghost tour. Additionally, we explored cities around Edinburgh and visited the Parliament.