4HM Language Trip England

Our 4HM was the first class in our school to go on a school trip abroad after a long, long time. From April 23 to 30 we spent an amazing week in Brighton and Greenwich/London.

Here is what the students say about the trip …

“We really enjoyed using our English skills by speaking to local shop owners, our host mother and random people.”

“My classmates and I also got to know each other better because we spent a whole week together in England.”

“Last week me and my class went on a language trip to England, and well it was amazing. I loved this week so much, me and my friends had the time of our life. “

“Living with a host family was definitely a new experience for me, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous staying at a stranger’s house in a different country, but Sue (our host mom) was so lovely.”

“Overall, I really liked this language trip, all of the sights were of course amazing, my personal best experiences were probably just going through little streets with my friends and going to vintage shops.”

“Our family was really nice, friendly, helpful, funny and caring. The food was delicious, and our room was cute and comfy.”

“London Dungeon: It was nice, but not as scary as we thought it would be.”

“It helped us to use our English skills more confidently.”

“The view from Sky Garden was breath-taking.”

“It was like a dream come true to stand on the pier of Brighton and watch the sunset or walk along the little streets of Brighton and peek in some shops and stores.”

“I think it was really amazing to use my English to speak with native people, I sometimes asked for the way or had a conversation at McDonalds and the people could understand me really well.”