Workshop 5BPP – Local action against climate change

On the 8th of November the 5BPP participated in an interesting workshop held by the director of the Climate Office of the city of Linz, Oliver Schrot, and his colleague Michaela Feichtl concerning climate change in the world and especially in Linz. 

The workshop took place during the English lesson, in which they learned about the current climate situation right where we live. The students were asked to come up with environmental aspects they don’t like about their city and visions they had for the future. They collected their ideas and visualised them in creative posters, which they presented to the group. 

5BPP / Group 1

Students‘ feedback on the workshop:

I liked how Mr. Schrot, broke down the topic so we all could understand and follow it well 🙂

It was very reassuring to see that there is something being done in Linz to combat climate change, and that people care about the future!

It was nice to get information about how climate change also directly affects tiny Linz and every single one of us, and not only the great wide world.

I think, after the presentation, we‘re all experts in the topic of climate change and we can now use our knowledge to teach others.

The workshop was very informative and I had fun creating a poster and also listening to the visions of my classmates.

I was impressed by the graphs showing us detailed information about the climate-situation in Linz.

In my opinion it was a very well-structured and interesting presentation. He gave us really good insights and a lot of new information. We could see, that there are people who get active and try to do something for the environment.

The workshop made me understand climate change better and realize what we all can do against it.

I really liked that the climate office team stands behind their visions and already came up with many solutions how everybody of us can contribute to fight against climate change.

I think that the workshop was very interesting and a lot of important information was given. I liked that we got to see someone is taking action against climate change in Linz and see the visions and projects for our city.

I liked how he gave us young people a voice and said he’ll mention our ideas in the Climate Office. I was really impressed by his presentation and the fact that it was in English as well.