English Week 25 February – 1 March 2019

Instead of a language week in an English speaking country, we, the students of 4 A/BHM, decided to invite four native speakers to our school who work for an organization called LiLac. In order to get to know different English accents, the teachers came from Australia and different parts of America, namely Sydney, California, New York and Seattle. The week was all about improving our English skills, getting to know the language better and speaking English all day long. We had classes in photography, acting and food, but we also dealt with personal and emotional topics. We talked about personal values, the meaning of life and our future paths of life. To have some variety in class we spent some time in the gym as well. Liam, Adam, Andrew and Ben taught us how to play Kickball and helped to increase the team spirit of our classes. All in all, we got encouraged to start talking without thinking too much so that it became natural to speak English during the whole day. All of us really enjoyed the English week and benefitted from it. And of course, we had a lot of fun with the native speakers during classes.